General sales conditions

All services provided by the company AUGUSTE require the acceptance of the general sales conditions that are stated below. These conditions are an integral part of the transportation contract signed between the company AUGUSTE and client who makes the order.

The company AUGUSTE reserves the right to modify the general sales conditions at any moment.


The service consists of providing a vehicle with a chauffeur in alignment with the client’s profile and needs.
The service is valid only once and as agreed in the reservation. If the client is not present at the arranged meeting place the service will no longer be considered to be valid and there will be no refund.
Any waiting time over an hour which is the fault of the client will be charged at the hourly rate which has been noted in our price list. Every additional hour thereafter will be payable in its entirety.
Any damage caused by the client to the interior of the vehicle will be charged to the client. It is forbidden to smoke in the vehicle. Seat belts are obligatory and must be worn.
The responsibilities of our chauffeurs is for the period that the vehicle is hired, they vigorously respect the law and ensure that all others in their vehicles do the same. Under no circumstances can the client demand that the chauffeur go over the authorized speed limit or commit any violation of the highway code.
AUGUSTE reserves the right to refuse and / or to interrupt the transportation of any person who behaves in a manner that might put into danger the security of the chauffeurs(s) or one of the rental vehicles, (drunken state, physical or verbal abuse, drug use). Where an incident of this nature has occurred the entire price of the transportation will need to be paid by the client.
Dogs and cats are accepted into the vehicles but only if they are kept in their transportation bag or case. The owner is entirely responsible for them.
The quantity of the baggage that can be transported is proportional to the vehicle that has been hired.


All services provision requires that a preceding reservation has been made, either in paper or electronic format. On receiving your order, we will send you a quotation in alignment with what you have requested. The quotation will form the framework of the services to be provided and should be returned to us signed, dated, and stamped, giving your acceptance of it, and should be sent back to us by mail or e-mail. Note, that for services where the payable amount will be more than 300€, (euros), the reservation will not be confirmed, and the vehicle or vehicles will not be reserved, until a deposit for an amount of 30 to 100% of the price indicated in the quotation has been received.


The prices which are offered by the company AUGUSTE include all of the required taxes and include the vehicle, the chauffeur, the insurance for the people being transported, the fuel, and the cost for any tolls or parking.
The client will be responsible to pay the cost for any tolls or parking which were not previously anticipated prior to the journey.
The price is for a direct transfer, without stopping, between the client’s departure and arrival points. The service ends directly on arrival at the destination.


Our services must be paid for at the end of the transfer, the exception being those clients who have a company account.
For all services whose total is equal to or more than 300€, (euros), a deposit of 30 to 100% of the total billable amount will be required.
We accept payment by bank wire transfer, PayPal, Card, (VISA and MASTERCARD), and in cash.
For all payments by cheque a piece of identity will need to be provided.


All service cancellation requests should be made at least 72 hours before the provision of the service is due to begin.
After that cancellation fees will apply:
– For all reservations cancelled 48 hours before the service is due to begin 50% of the amount for the total service will be charged
– For all reservations cancelled 24 hours before the service is due to begin 75% of the amount for the total service will be charged


All changes to transfer details and / or service duration of a transfer that has already begun will require additional payment for these services either at the time at which they are requested or at the end of the service.


The company AUGUSTE cannot in any case be held responsible for any delays in transportation that are due to circumstances beyond its control: road closures, traffic circulation closures, deviations, flooded roads, traffic jams, police interventions which force roads to be closed, customs or fire brigade, etc., (this list is not all-inclusive and other circumstances may fall into this category).
The company AUGUSTE cannot in any case be held responsible for any delays in transportation that are due to emergency circumstances: strikes, metrological conditions, terrorist attacks, riots, etc., (this list is not all-inclusive and other circumstances may fall into this category).
Where cars breakdown during transportation due to a mechanical default, an accident, or other damage, (theft or vandalism), the company AUGUSTE will ensure that the transportation service continues either with one of its other vehicles or with a vehicle from another company and we will keep the client informed.
The company AUGUSTE cannot in any case be held responsible for any personal belongings or baggage which are stolen, lost, or forgotten in one of its vehicles.


The responsibility of the company AUGUSTE is limited to the clauses in our insurance contract. The client can take out and pay for their own complimentary insurance against cancellation fees, repatriation fees, or to cover baggage whilst in transit, (this list is not all-inclusive and other cioverages may fall into this category).


Complaints will only be accepted up to 8 days after a transportation service has been provided. In case of litigation, cases will be presided over by Dax Tribunal of Commerce.